on Monday, February 20, 2012


Saturday Sam and I went to Petco for some kitty litter, and walked out with a kitty as well.

As we were leaving I wanted to see the shelter kitties up for adoption they have, and this kitty looked at me, meowed the sweetest little squeaky meow, and looked really sad. 

I had no choice. She had to come home with us. 

So we spent some time with her in the little adoption room, drove her home, and completely confused Hobbes as to why his reflection in the mirror came to life. 

The only way we can tell them apart is that she's a little smaller, and has a pink sparkly collar. Otherwise, they may as well be twins. 

I named her after Coco Chanel, but keep saying "You go Glen Coco!"

Coco and Hobbes are still getting used to eachother, they keep kissing, but generally just sleep and are cute.  

And that's why you don't ever let me go to Petco.