Cool people I don't know: Rosemary Ferrie

on Monday, January 30, 2012


A couple of years ago when down in California we went to The Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial. It's a beautiful memorial, and I could have spent ages looking at all the plaques (handsome fighter pilots, cute nurses). You can see my post featuring some photos here

 One plaque in particular never left my mind though, and that was honoring Parmely T. Ferrie and Rosemary (Egan) Ferrie. He was a captain and she a nurse, and besides being adorable, Rosemary wore a wedding gown made from the parachute Parmely used to bail out of a B-24 bomber. 

That right there made me incredibly curious as to what her dress looked like, and what kind of life she led. Today she popped into my mind again, and I googled her name, only to find her obituary. First I was sad to learn of her passing, but then I clicked on the photo album, and photos of her in her parachute wedding dress popped up.

So although I'm sorry she's gone, even though I've never met her, I'm glad that she seemed to live a nice life with Parmely and now I can share her wedding dress with you, for those who were as curious as I!

 They married on July 27th 1946, and had six children. She got her AA degree in San Diego, traveled extensively with her husband, and spent most of her nursing career helping alcoholics and drug addicts. Yep, this lady sounds like someone anyone would have liked to have known.


All photos and information from here