Bangles and Bras

on Thursday, January 26, 2012


As a bangle collection grows, it's great, but how the heck do you store these things?

Some opt for upright storage, like a hat stand, so they stack right on it. But my problem with that is you have to take them all off the stand to get to the one you want at the base.

Some people have them mixed loose in a box, but if you're looking for a certain style/color, it can take forever to dig through.

So I store my little collection in vintage stocking boxes. They're satin quilted boxes with six sections meant for rolled up stockings. But they fit bangles perfectly! 


Bras are another storage issue if you're tight on space. Drawers are reserved for sweaters and other unmentionables, and living in a small apartment, there's more wall space than floor space.

So using a vintage shoe holder works great, especially for vintage braziers, which don't have underwires to hinder fitting in a small pocket.

For more storage solutions checkout Scathingly Brilliants latest post on her top five storage solutions for small spaces. 

Organizing little collections is also a great way to do some mini spring cleaning. Take five minutes and weed out items you no longer want/need. The things you really love and use are much easier to find if they're not buried in second rate stuff.