Exciting news! (Not of the baby variety)

on Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And here is my first post as a full time blogger! 


 I quit my job working at a local vintage store, and now you guys have me all to yourselves. I feel very fancy. Though it was hard to quit my job of nearly four years, it was sort of the reluctance of leaving that made me decide I had to let it go. Can't move forward if you don't let go! 

 So from now on I'm expecting to do about five posts a week, more giveaways, features, and hopefully show you more of my collection that doesn't usually make it on here. Ok, here we go!
Today I tagged along with my mother and grandma to the Pendleton mill store for some Christmas presents. My favorite Pendleton wool scarf/shawl was a must. Instead of just belting it like I usually do, I folded it into a little bustle :)

Because bustles are cool.   

This has kind of been my "go to" autumn outfit, which seems to change every year. 

Photos my mama 

 All items from Urban Eccentric Vintage

Purse-Michael Kors