The coat

on Monday, November 21, 2011


Oh hi, yeah, this is just my coat.

My awesome coat. 

I got it at the antique expo last month, and while I searched it inside out five times, the Christian Dior tag seems to be missing. If anyone finds it laying around, let me know. 

I wore it Saturday when Sam and I did a little shopping and sushi-ing on NW 23rd. We stopped by Goorin Brothers and I blushed a little when everyone in the store went gaga over it. But then we went to the M.A.C. store and I actually did buy blush, so it all worked out. 

{I asked the makeup artist for blush, and she said "this one will make you look like you just stepped in from the cold. Or like Snow White.}

How did she know that's exactly what I wanted? 

It's called "Pink Swoon" in case you're wondering. 

I even met a blog reader on the street, she was nice enough to say hello and chat for a moment! To be honest, it never really hits me that more people read my blog than my mom and friends until someone I don't know says something in person. 

I am oblivious. 

But oblivious in a fabulous coat.


Coat-Antique expo


Shoes-Chie Mihara

Gloves-Estate Sale

Purse-Michael Kors