Plastic rain bonnet

on Thursday, May 26, 2011

Plastic rain bonnets are another "old lady" staple that get a bad rap. And along with sweater clips, eyeglass chains, high pants, and rolled stockings, I love them. I mean honestly, little old ladies have years more experience than us young whipper snappers, why not pay attention to the invaluable style tips?

Since it rains quite a bit here in the Northwest, sometimes a silk scarf tied around a fresh hairdo just won't cut it. A plastic rain bonnet is just the accessory for keeping dry on those pouring spring days. And the thing is less than $2 at a drugstore, WITH POLKA DOTS. Can you guess my ideal rain bonnet?

Kitties of course :)

They were quite popular in the 60s, banks and such gave them away (yes banks used to give away useful things, imagine that!), but other than that I really can't find much info on them. All I know is they work great and look awesome. And sometimes thats all I need to know.