"Bitter Much?"

on Monday, October 4, 2010

Photos by Twila Jean

Sometimes readers ask if I get tired of compliments.

Compliments no, rude inquiries yes:

When I am at work (I work at a vintage store), people usually ask "Do they make you dress this way?"

When I am out and about, people ask "So are you in a play or something?"

And my favorite: "Where did you get your wig?"

Today while out with Twila Jean, we got asked a few too many times if we were in a play, or commercial, or whatever, I stopped listening.

Honestly I am mostly offended that a person who puts effort into their appearance, stands out so much that people think there must be a special reason for their effort. This doesn't just go for vintage gals, because I'm sure that if you have worn a dress and heels to the grocery store, you've been asked "You on your way to a wedding?"

I know I look different. I know I stand out. I know I get stares, but I have learned to be oblivious to all that. I think anyone who dresses differently can relate, vintage or not.

I enjoy talking about vintage to people, most are very nice and just curious, and most just want to tell me how much I remind them of their mother, grandmother, great aunt Bertha, etc. And thats pretty cool. I especially love talking vintage with younger people, because I hope that I can inspire interest in preserving the past through fashion. Or even just reassure them that being different is awesome, even if there are those out there who just don't get it.

Be who you want to be, even if people ask you stupid questions :)

1940s girl scout dress and scarf-Urban Eccentric Vintage


Shoes-Chie Mihara