Burberry trench

on Saturday, October 23, 2010

Photo by Twila Jean

During the fall, winter, and spring months, it is quite gray and rainy most of the time here in the Northwest. You'd think everyone would own a trench coat, rainboots, and above all, umbrella, but thats just not so. Hardly anyone uses umbrellas, in fact, locals say "A real northwesterner never uses an umbrella."

But then again most people here don't do their hair everyday, don't wear makeup, and certainly don't care if their ensemble get's rained on.

I however, do care. I have a lovely collection of umbrellas, a fabulous pair of rainboots, and now, what I feel is a staple in any rainy climate, a good trench coat.

But not just any trench, it's a Burberry trench!

When I spotted this in the Brown Bag Vintage Etsy shop, I knew I just had to have it. I'd see them every once in a while (not in Portland, usually California of all places), but they were always too big. This one was perfect, in excellent condition, and Michelle was a dream to buy from! I'm so happy to finally have one after years of wanting and looking, and of course, the quality is top notch.

Thats one item checked off my wardrobe wants list, now where is that New Look Dior suit I've been looking for?