Stuff I got

on Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Today before work I popped into a local charity shop and found a couple cool things. First is a vintage waver/crimper, probably from around the 1920s.

Cool right?

I wasn't 100% sure that's what it was until the darling old lady working at the shop told me she remembered her mother using the same thing. Her mother would heat it up the fireplace (actually she said "chimney, which I thought was cute), or kerosene lamp, and clamp her hair.

I want to use it soooooooo bad. But I don't have a fireplace or kerosene lamp :(

Second is a large 70s suitcase, in a style I've been wanting. I have bunches of hard case vintage suitcases, but I don't dare check them onto airplanes, I'm even cautious about taking them out of the house. But this one is perfect. Canvas with "leather" trim (love that combination), so no worries about it cracking or getting wrecked. And it's nice and big!

Now if only I could find a matching weekender, train case, and hat box, all would be complete ;)