Meet my new kitty! (a real one...)

on Tuesday, September 21, 2010


But first, the winner of the Fab Gabs mens giveaway is....Misc-Maranda! Contact me at for details :)

Ok, so while I was in California Sam went out at got me my very own fluffy kitty :) (*He is adopted from a shelter, everyone is asking, hehe) Isn't he adorable! He's about 5 years old, black and brown with a white belly, and is soooo cuddly! His name is Hobbs, but I call him Hobberton.

He is usually pretty relaxed and cozy, but today when we tried to take pictures he would not have any of it! Silly kitty.

So there you have it, I finally have a REAL kitty to cuddle with, maybe he will appear in some future outfit photos :)

The last picture is of a chocolate cat Julie gave me the other day, I actually did have trouble eating it's little chocolate self. But it was yummy!

On a few other notes: Vixen Vintage has hit 2,000 followers! Thank you 2,000 times to you all, I'll have something special soon for you all!

And, thanks everyone for entering the giveaways, I wish I got that many comments everyday! There will be more giveaways of all kinds in the future :)