I didn't feel like getting dressed.

on Saturday, September 4, 2010

Here is my new favorite dress.

Ok, ok, it's really a robe.

But if you had a robe this pretty, you wouldn't keep it in the house either.

Now, let me point out that yes, I am technically wearing loungewear in public.


I still loath seeing people in pajamas in the grocery store. There is a difference. My robe is awesome. Their pajamas are gross.

Anyway, I found this "dress" in the back room at work the other day and gasped when I saw it. The pattern is sparrows, hearts, keys, harps, clovers, horseshoes, musical notes, letters, and clouds, all against a background of pink, blue, and gray bows.

The ONLY thing that would make it better?

Can you guess?

If you guessed kitties, then either you have been reading my blog for a while, or you just love kitties too :)

Robe/dress and purse-Urban Eccentric Vintage

Shoes-Nine West

Scarf-A little shop in Rome