Going to Gatsby

on Monday, September 6, 2010

Photo from here

So. The Gatsby Summer Afternoon.

I'm going.

This is an event I've been dreaming about going to for years. It's an afternoon spent on the beautiful grounds of a beautiful house, dressed in art deco picnic attire, with music, dancing, food, drinks, and lots of socializing. And the greatest thing about it?

It's not a "spectator event". One is not even allowed in if you don't have on period appropriate clothing, as well as the correct picnic furnishings. No plastic water bottles. No soda cans. Even modern cars are parcked out of site. It really will be like I'm back in time, and I will probably go picture crazy and take about 100 photos within the first five minutes of being there.

I am almost TOO excited, and if anyone else is going, please look for me and say hello!

Well thats what I'll be doing this weekend, and I plan on posting about the road trip down there, and spending a bit of time in San Francisco, so hopefully internet at the hotel will be good.