1940s overalls

on Sunday, September 26, 2010

Photobucket Photo by Twila Jean

Although overalls have been around for centuries, it wasn't until the 1930s that many women took to them for factory and farm work. There were even printed versions labeled "beach overalls" similar to beach pajamas. During WWII, as you can imagine, sturdy, easy to wear overalls accompanied jumpsuits in the factories, and became standard workwear.
Softer, more feminine versions came into fashion during the 1940s, either full length, knee length, or in a shorter romper style.

I made these using this pattern, from Eva Dress, and am really happy with them! Some days I just want to pull something easy on, and these do just the trick. For next summer I want to make them in the romper version, they would be darling in red!
The denim I chose for this is pretty thin, so not really working overalls, and I don't think the design would work as great with a thicker textile. I do however want to order this other 1940s overall pattern as it looks like it could handle a heavier denim. Y'know, for all that manual labor I do....
Kitty, of course, wanted to lay on the pattern pieces I needed. When I tried to pull them away, he grabbed them from me! Luckily the pattern is printed on thick paper :)