Turquoise and pink

on Sunday, August 22, 2010

Photos by Josh

I want my kitchen to look like this skirt. Loads of turquoise with a dash of pink. Perfection.

Speaking of cute kitchens, did anyone else catch Dita Von Teese's pics of her kitchen on her Twitter? Well ok, they were photos of brunch food taken IN her kitchen, but that peek at her oven made me drool. I can't read the brand name on it though, if anyone knows, let me know! *Yay! Nicole of Bombshell Bettie found the ovens, she is after all master of finding just what you need ;) Oven found at Bars and Booths*

This is what I wore the other day to the Duchess showroom. I wanted to wear a suit, but wool and summer don't quite mix for me. I do have a pretty white linen 1940s suit jacket, but just need to find a matching skirt. Then I would have a nice summer suit :)

Blouse, skirt, and purse-Urban Eccentric Vintage

Hat (From September 1958)-Antique Expo

Shoes-Gift from Brother

Necklace-Inherited from my great grandmother Lois.

Gloves-Estate sale