Kitty cats and scarves

on Thursday, August 12, 2010

Photos by Ruth

I saw five kitties today. And I wanted to take them all home. One was running across the street and nearly got run over by some idiot in his fancy fast car, I really wanted to throw a rock at the guy and yell "Kitties don't know how to use crosswalks jerk!"

Only I would say something other than jerk, but my family reads this so....

All the kittyness was leading up to this gift from my grandma, a darling squeaky toy from the 30s or 40s, it's soooooo cute!

*Squeak squeak!*

And earlier I was browsing
Notcouture and came across this cool Hermes site which shows girls around the world wearing their Hermes scarves in different ways. Even though I don't have an Hermes scarf, I do have lots of pretty silk scarves that rarely see the light of day, so the site inspired me to play around with a few. Since I didn't pin curl my hair last night I went with a turban style, which you can learn how to do here (It's very easy!).

Scarf and shoes-Thrifted