1930s sailor girl

on Monday, August 30, 2010

Photos by Sam

I don't think I've photographed this blouse before. Oh wait, yes I have, in Astoria. Well my point is I wear it way more than you see it. Wouldn't you?

I got it for less than a song, and while I'm certain at one time long ago it had a cute little matching skirt or sailor pants, this is what survived. I've only ever seen this top from the 1940s in old catalogues, so I'm sure it's rare, and even rarer to find a set.

It's also rare that my attempt at waves looks decent. These are...ok. But I quite like the look of spitcurls :)

Top-Portland Antique expo

Skirt-Handmade by me from a 1930s pattern.


Sailor hat-Magpie Vintage