Stripes are evil and pretty

on Monday, July 12, 2010

The other day at a local antique mall I found six vintage sewing patterns, for $1 each! Four from the 1940s, one from the 1930s, and one suit pattern from the 1950s, it's very Dior. And seeing how I fixed my sewing machine last night, I get to make something for the first time in weeks! So today Sam took me to the fabric store, where they were having a half off sale and I picked up this pretty striped searsucker. I have never worked with stripes, nor searsucker, and thought it would be a good idea to play with a chevron pattern in the gored skirt.

The result is a finished skirt on a Monday night, after a day of shouting profanities at the fabric, and beating a chair with a panel of mis-matched stripes. There was lots of seam ripping.

All in all the skirt turned out pretty cute, and hopefully I'll have enough fabric left over to make a little matching hat :)