Roller girl

on Friday, May 7, 2010

Today it was so nice out, and even thought I had a 9 hour workday I was in a great mood thanks to the lovely sun and of course a killer pair of white vintage roller skates. I spotted them as soon as I walked into work, and they were my size! I had absolutely no reason to buy them, but every reason to wear them most of the day. So yeah, I wore roller skates at work, what of it?

One customer commented that I looked like I'm part of a vintage delivery service, which I think would be just about the most awesome thing. Need a party dress pronto? I will roll it right to you. Although the only reason I didn't fall flat on my bum is because we have carpet at work, and soon as I stepped out on the pavement I was a lost cause. Hence my reason not to buy them: I might break an arm.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend ahead, I know I do, I'm going to California! For a whole week, sunny SoCal, so I hope you won't get sick of posts every day! I've packed some pretty cute things, including a little sailor dress ;)

1950s blouse-thrifted

High waist capris, straw hat, and roller skates-Urban Eccentric Vintage