Paris circa 1959

on Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's been one of those "I have nothing to wear" sort of weeks. It's rainy and bleak, and a little bit chilly, which makes me want to stay in my pink striped pajamas all day and watch old movies while knitting a sweater. Oh, and drinking tea, let's not forget the tea.
But I must go to work and so, pajamas are not an option. Even cute ones. When I'm in an "I have nothing to wear" situation it usually means I am overwhelmed with choices and my brain freezes up, and I can't think of what to pair with what, or how. The best solution to that is go with something simple. Let my mind re-charge for another time, and just pick something that requires no "putting together".

I got this dress on my last trip to California, how could I resist a giant chiffon bow? I kept things black and classic, easy as pie, and carried Christian Diors Little Dictionary of Fashion in my purse, it is a perfect little companion.

Key to Good Dressing
"There is no key.
If there were it would be too easy, rich women could buy
the key and all their fashion worries would be over!
But simplicity, grooming, and good taste-the three fundamentals
of fashion-cannot be bought.
But they can be learnt, by rich and poor alike."
-Christian Dior

Dress-Flashbacks, Hillcrest San Diego

Lamb pillbox-Don't remember

Little dictionary of fashion-Birthday gift from my brother.