New stuffs.

on Thursday, May 20, 2010

I just about screamed when I found these shoes. Ok, well, I squealed like a little piggie (Eeeeeee!), which is kind of the same. They are EXACTLY what I've been wanting for ages, and even though they are the teeniest bit big, I just wear socks and all is well. It's a nice change from trying to fit into the same style shoes that are two sizes too small/narrow.
And the dress my dears, I just love this dress. It's that weight of material that clings and drapes beautifully, would make a great dancing dress if I danced!
Instead of pairing it with bakelite I went with a locket and and my mothers charm bracelet, they kept the look soft and romantic, and I jingled every time I moved :) You can see it here, I couldn't get a great picture of it in the fading light.

Dress-Fab Gabs

Hat-Urban Eccentric Vintage


Locket-Magpie Vintage