Are ties just for boys? Neigh!

on Thursday, April 15, 2010

When I found this tie at work I couldn't not get it. I mean, it's a hand painted tie of a horse with rhinestone eyes. Need I say more?

I come across interesting ties a lot and always pass them by, Sams taste in neckwear is pretty modern so until this one it never occurred to me that I could wear them. I liked wearing it so much I picked up another 40s hand painted tie with ducks on it today! I'll save that for fall though.

Twila Jean and I went to Portland today for some thrifting, of course she found some pretties for her shop, and I found some pretties for my closet! The duck tie, a 40s sweater, and a darling polka dot playsuit you are going to love.

50s sweater, 40s shoes, and tie-The Urban Eccentric

Skirt and beret-Thrifted.