A 30s look and must click links

on Sunday, March 28, 2010


Instead of rambling on about myself and whatnot, here's some posts from some of my favorite bloggers that are really inspiring me right now:

Wall Eyed, via Style Rookie. Oh. My. God. How does she take pictures that look like magazine editorials? And how does she look so amazing all the time? Well, the answer to the latter is confidence, take a lesson from this 13 year old. Or is she 14 now? I forget, either way...

Miss America in the 1920s, via The Cat's Pajamas. The bathing suits! The ringlets! The most appealing thing about these pictures is the imperfection of every beauty pageant contestant. Wouldn't it be a dream to attend a 1920s pageant?

Romping Around, via Q's Daydream. Seriously, this girl is adorable. I never would have thought of socks and sandles with a 40s romper, but now I can't think of it any other way! She's spot on with spring inspiration.

I want to post more but tonight my internet is being as slow as me in math class, so I hope you enjoy those three!

Blouse-H&M via Buffalo Exchange, Hillcrest San Diego.

Skirt-Handmade by me!

Hat-Old Town Antique Market

Shoes-The Urban Eccentric

Bakelite bird pin-Christmas gift from Sam :)

Plastic bangles-Garage Sales